Around the Clock With Arthritis


Did you know that your body’s internal clock is linked to the aches and stiffness you experience with osteoarthritis? This is the conclusion of a 2013 study explaining why older adults are the ones who suffer from arthritis the most. Arthritis is a joint condition that affects anywhere from 20% of people in Utah to 46% of adults in Mississippi. It is a good idea to go around the clock with arthritis and understand how to alleviate the condition.

If you suffer from arthritis, you will notice that you will have more pain some days than others. Different types of arthritis will lead to experiencing soreness and stiffness at different times of the day. Rheumatoid arthritis flares up in the mornings the most, while gout is more likely to flare up during the evening. Why do these differences exist? A growing body of research is indicating that circadian rhythms play a role.

Around the Clock with Arthritis

Circadian Rhythms

A circadian rhythm is an internal clock that runs on a 24-hour cycle, regulating sleep, immune responses, and numerous bodily functions. Circadian rhythms affect when you are waking up and sleeping, feeling hungry, and how hot or cold you feel. These circadian rhythms can be linked to arthritis symptoms like joint pain.

An example of circadian rhythms tying into arthritis is when you are grappling with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms that seem to only flare up at certain times of the day. What we know so far is that there is a connection between your body’s internal clock and arthritis symptoms. However, we still do not understand the full scope of this connection.

One study on mice discovered that inflammation in their bodies was either higher or lower depending on what time of day it is. The molecules that cause inflammation were at their highest while the mice were asleep. This matches up nicely with reports from those with rheumatoid arthritis feeling joint pain right when they wake up. Even though we know that the body’s internal clock is connected to this, we are still unsure.

Biological Clock

The cells in your immune system seem to be connected to your internal biological clock. Understanding the connection can help lead to more effective treatment of conditions leading to inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is now known that this type of arthritis will suppress the day-to-day rhythms within certain immune cells. There are disruptions around the clock because of arthritis.

Immune system cells that are anti-inflammatory in nature exhibit a daily rhythm. These cells peak when it is nighttime, which explains why swelling, soreness, and stiffness feel the most right after waking up.

Understanding all of this can help us better understand how circadian rhythms affect our immune system, especially anti-inflammatory cells. We can also get a better understanding of how daily rhythms are affecting arthritis, for better or worse. The better we understand how and why immune cells differ in their effectiveness at different times of the day, the better we can alleviate the unwanted symptoms of arthritis.

Around the Clock with Arthritis

How to Reduce Symptoms Around the Clock With Arthritis

Now that you have a better understanding of why you feel joint pain at certain times of the day, you probably want to know what you can do to alleviate it. There are several steps you can take to mitigate and drastically reduce inflammation and the associated pain that comes with it.

People who suffer from different types of arthritis find that it helps to exercise on a regular basis. Light exercise appears to be the most helpful because it lubricates joints and loosens things up. You may want to take on light aerobics, tai chi, yoga, walking, and other similar forms of gentle exercise.

Something else you can do is eat meals at the same time every day. This goes along with the premise of sticking to a schedule that your body’s internal clock can become accustomed to. If you go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day, as well as eat regular meals, you will help support your body’s immune cells to do their job well.

Something else you can do is take a joint supplement. JointFuel360 has become a go-to supplement due to it containing safe ingredients that help reduce joint soreness and pain. All-natural ingredients such as the anti-inflammatory black pepper extract and turmeric, as well as antioxidants like resveratrol, keep joint stiffness and swelling at bay. Additional ingredients like hyaluronic acid and type II collagen support strong and healthy joints.

Taking JointFuel360 daily with your meals, while getting enough sleep at the same time every day, will lead to you seeing dramatic improvements in your condition.


Reducing symptoms around the clock with arthritis is now easier than ever before. Much of that has to do with how much more we understand about the connection between circadian rhythms and arthritis symptoms. You now know why you feel the most joint pain when you are first getting out of bed in the morning. Even though we do not fully understand the relationship between the body’s clock and arthritis, we know enough to understand what steps we can take to reduce the unwanted symptoms.

When you stick to a schedule that is relatively similar every day for eating and sleeping, you should see your symptoms reduced. Add a joint supplement like JointFuel360 to your diet and you should see your symptoms virtually eliminated soon enough. You no longer need to live a life with aching joints that makes it challenging to perform basic tasks.

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