The Best Workouts for Arthritis


Living with the pain of arthritis can be incredibly tough, but getting active and partaking in regular workouts can be a great way to help reduce that soreness of arthritis. Research has shown that those individuals who regularly exercise notice increased flexibility, better joint function, and a higher range of motion.

However, when it comes to exercise and keeping fit, what are the best workouts for arthritis? We have taken a closer look at some of the best activities you can complete at home to help ease the pain and stiffness of the condition.

Why is exercise beneficial for arthritis?

Before looking at some of the best exercises, it is important to understand how they can help improve your condition. While the first thing that springs to mind might be running or heading to the gym, exercise does not have to be so vigorous, and any kind of physical activity can be beneficial.

When you get active, you are improving your blood flow and increasing the strength and flexibility of your joints. It also helps you to maintain the strength of your bones, lose weight, and have more energy. However, starting to exercise can be an intimidating process, particularly if you are already facing soreness and stiff joints.

That is why you should start slowly and gently ease yourself into activity. This will ensure you will not be pushing your body beyond its limits and lets you understand how your joints will react. It is always a good idea to chat with your doctor or a professional trainer to help you develop a clear plan of exercises and activities that you can complete.

To get the biggest benefits, you will need to exercise regularly, and you should be looking to get active several times a week.

The best workouts for arthritis

If you are facing soreness and stiffness from arthritis, then there is a wide range of activities and exercises that you can undertake. Some of the most popular include:

  1. Swimming

One of the best exercises to ease the symptoms of arthritis is swimming. Thanks to the buoyancy, there is no pressure or weight being placed on your joints, while the water acts as a level of resistance which helps to build strength.

Regularly swimming is a great full-body workout that can help to reduce the soreness in your joints. Swimming in warmer water can help to increase your body temperature, which improves circulation and further helps ease the stiffness and pain of arthritis.

The Best Workouts for Arthritis

2. Walking

Exercise does not need to be strenuous, and even heading out for a walk can help to alleviate the pain of arthritis. Walking is a very low-impact exercise that is a great way for everyone to get active.

Aerobic action helps to improve your overall fitness, improve your heart health, and strengthen your joints. When starting, you should take your time and build up slowly as your fitness improves. To keep it varied, try walking different routes that are different elevations and surroundings.

3. Jogging

While jogging is not for everyone, it is an excellent form of exercise that can significantly improve your fitness. As with walking, when starting out jogging, you should take your time and start slowly, as the high-impact activity can cause issues.

Jogging is a great aerobic exercise that can help you to lose weight and strengthen your joints. However, you should ensure that you are wearing the correct shoes to minimize the impact of running on hard surfaces.

4. Cycling

No matter whether it is a static bike at home or you are heading out to ride on the road, cycling is a fantastic form of exercise for those living with arthritis. The very low-impact activity offers a full cardiovascular workout that can get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

Regular cycling can also boost your stamina and provides a wide range of health benefits alongside helping to improve the symptoms of arthritis. You should start off in 15-minute increments and steadily build up as your fitness improves.

5. Golf

Another great form of exercise for arthritis is playing golf. Regularly spending time outside on the golf course is not only a great social activity, but it can help to improve your stamina, increase your strength, and improve your mobility.

Playing a round of golf can give your whole body a workout, giving you better motion and coordination.

Best Workouts for Arthritis

6. Pilates

When it comes to the best exercises for arthritis, low-impact activities are the most beneficial, and Pilates is a great option for those individuals looking to improve their joint health.

Helping to significantly improve flexibility, Pilates focuses on your core muscles and can help to build overall fitness. Regularly practicing Pilates is an excellent way of increasing the strength of your joints, helping to reduce the pain and stiffness most commonly associated with arthritis.

7. Yoga

Just like Pilates, yoga is another fantastic form of low-impact exercise. The ancient activity targets the entire body, helping to reduce tension and stiffness while improving core strength and the health of your joints.

However, not all poses are suitable for those with arthritis, so it is important that you take your time and consult with the experts to ensure that you are not going to be causing yourself further problems.

How to look after your joints

While exercise can help to alleviate the pain and stiffness of arthritis, it is important that you are still working to protect your joints. Low impact exercises are the best activities to partake in as they will not place additional stress on your joints.

Before starting to work out or complete any exercise, then you should gently warm up to ensure your joints are ready for the activity. It is also important to not push yourself too fast; begin slowly, and if you are experiencing pain, then adapt your exercise plan accordingly.

In between exercises, you should also focus on looking after your joints. Applying ice to your joints after any form of exercise can reduce swelling. If you are experiencing pain, then using a heat pack can help to relax your muscles and joints, easing any pain that you might be experiencing.

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