Hobbies and Activities Modified for Arthritis


Do you ever find yourself missing the activities you used to once be able to do without pain? There are many hobbies and activities that can still be modified for arthritis. It is never too late to start a new hobby. Hobbies and activities, even if they are modified for arthritis, are important to keep your mind and body active.

If you have arthritis, I am sure you already know that many activities you once did every day now cause you fatigue or soreness. It can force you to slow down even if you do not want to. You just need to get creative to find hobbies and activities that work for you. Here are some fun hobbies and activities that can be modified for arthritis.

Outdoor Activities Modified for Arthritis

  • Gardening

Having to bend down and dig into the garden with arthritis is challenging.  It can be tough on your body, but that does not mean you can’t garden anymore. You just need to change your approach. It is recommended to take frequent breaks and avoid heavy lifting. There are plants that require less maintenance than others. Your local gardener should be able to provide good recommendations. You can also try raised beds or vertical gardens to prevent bending down as much.

  • Fishing

Casting a fishing line and reeling in a fish is hard on your joints. You should not give up something you love just because your joints are struggling. There are now ergonomic fishing rods to make fishing easier for those with arthritis.

  • Birdwatching

Birdwatching gets you out and about in nature, which can be great for stress relief. It is a peaceful, relaxing activity. However, with birdwatching, you can get a sore neck from looking up for a long time. The best way to modify this is to really focus on your posture, lightweight binoculars, and take frequent breaks.

  • Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that is easy to do. The rotational knee movement flushes fluid through your joints, keeping them lubricated and flexible. Not only does cycling relieve stiffness, but it strengthens your leg muscles to improve coordination and balance. It may be low impact, but there are some modifications to keep in mind. Rough terrain can damage your joints. Check your route to stick to a smooth route if possible. We recommend getting your bike fitted professionally. If it is not fitted correctly, it can cause damage to your joints.

  • Swimming

Swimming ultimately has zero impact on your joints. The vast majority of your weight is supported by the water helping you build muscles without putting pressure on your body. Different swim strokes affect different parts of your body. Selecting the best stroke for your joint pain can strengthen the muscles around the affected area. Although warm water is the ideal temperature for comfort, if you have arthritis, you should swim in cold water to prevent an increase in blood pressure.

Activities Modified for Arthritis

  • Golf

Having arthritis can affect your golf game. That does not stop it from being an activity that keeps your joints strong and flexible. There are ways to make golfing more manageable even if you have stiff joints. As with any exercise, your warmup is an equally important part. It is one step you cannot neglect. It protects your joints while increasing your range of motion to prevent you from hurting yourself. There is also equipment you can purchase that is more adaptive for those with arthritis. This adaptive equipment can include an oversized golf club grip to give you more control and help your achy hands, a graphite shaft that is lighter and easier to control, and a low compression golf ball to help your ball travel further with a slower swing.

  • Walking and Hiking

Both hiking and walking can be adjusted based on the level of your personal fitness. It can begin gently and gain intensity over time. Both hiking and walking allow you to spend time with nature, which is always healing for the mind and soul, but it also helps your arthritis by moving the synovial fluid through your joints. In order to modify your walking and hiking, don’t forget to warm up and stretch prior. You can also start easily across flatter domains along with shorter walks and slowly build your way up. Trekking poles can help you with stability and balance along with absorbing the impact of your steps. Hiking boots are also a great investment to provide support and comfort for your joints. Just be sure to break them in first!

Indoor Activities Modified for Arthritis

  • Knitting (Arts and Crafts)

Knitting may seem like it would be hard on your achy fingers and wrists, but it provides a good distraction from pain and can even reduce your symptoms with our recommended modifications. Be sure to stretch beforehand as if it were a sport and begin by knitting in short sessions to slowly build your stamina. It is a distraction, so you may need to set a timer to remind yourself to take a break.

Activities Modified for Arthritis

  • Painting

Painting is another great distraction from your arthritis pain. It improves your wellbeing, but also increases mobility in your fingers. This is a good activity that does not require many modifications or adjustments as it is easy on your joints. However, you can always buy ergonomic brushes that have a softer grip.

  • Reading

Have you tried getting lost in a good book yet? Reading is a great way to reduce stress, stimulate your brain, and distract you from your pain. If holding the book starts to become challenging, try resting it on a surface or investing in a book stand. E-readers are also a lot lighter than hard-cover books.

  • Puzzles

There are various types of puzzles that can mentally distract you from your arthritis pain. Crosswords, number games, word games, or jigsaw puzzles engage your brain while giving your body a rest. Holding a pen can become difficult, so you can always add a rubber grip to your pen or try a mobile version of the puzzle, so you do not need to hold a pen at all.

It is important to eat nutritious, anti-inflammatory means to keep you feeling well. However, in order to make these inflammatory meals, your arthritis can sometimes get in the way. Some modifications you can take to ease this process include buying pre-cut fruits and vegetables to avoid chopping, cooking enough to have leftovers, and buying lightweight padded cooking utensils and pans.

Wrapping Up

Even with all of these activities modified for arthritis, it is always a good idea to try an all-natural health supplement to help relieve your pain. JointFuel360 has been a popular supplement combined with natural ingredients like turmeric, black pepper extract, type II collagen, resveratrol, Boswellia serrata and hyaluronic acid. This combination of ingredients has helped many to continue to participate in the activities they used to do with ease. It is never too late to start a new hobby.  Don’t let arthritis get in the way of doing what you love.

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