Top Tips for Winter House Cleaning With Arthritis


Is your home in need of winter cleaning? This can be a laborious and tough task at the best of times, but for people with arthritis, this can be a significant challenge. The stiffness, inflammation, and restricted movement of the condition can make it very hard to clean your entire home, requiring a lot more effort.

Arthritis in your knees and hips can make it very difficult to undertake those tasks that require you to bend over or kneel. Equally, arthritis in your fingers, wrists, or back can make stretching to reach those high places, particularly challenging.

Winter cleaning with arthritis

No matter where your arthritis might be, if you are struggling with your winter cleaning, we thought we would take a closer look at some of the most effective tips to help you.

     1) Plan your chores

When it comes to winter cleaning with arthritis, then the most important thing to do first is to make sure you thoroughly plan your tasks. In order to do this effectively, you will need to know your limitations and the pace that you are comfortable working at. When you understand this, you can start breaking your to-do list down into more manageable chunks.

If you are facing an extensive deep clean that covers your entire home, then split the tasks out throughout the day and over a week. This will ensure that you will not place yourself under too much pressure and will reduce the risk of facing a flare-up.

You should also make sure that you are listening to your body. If you find movement particularly difficult in the morning, then consider undertaking more labor-intensive activities such as vacuuming for later in the day when your joints and muscles are warmed up.

However you plan your chores, make sure that you do not exhaust yourself or overdo your activities as this can lead to significant discomfort.

Top Tips for Winter House Cleaning With Arthritis

     2) Utilize the right cleaning tools

When it comes to winter cleaning with arthritis, utilizing the right tools can transform the process. There are countless gadgets and cleaning tools available on the market which can support you, particularly if you are struggling with a lack of flexibility or discomfort.

Some of the best tools to use include:

  • Dustpan and brush with a long handle. These devices will ensure that you do not need to bend down to sweep up dust and other debris, ensuring you can remain in a more upright position.
  • Equally as important is the use of a mop and brush with a long or extendable handle. This will ensure you can reach all of those awkward points, no matter how high or low they might be.
  • Technology is transforming the world we live in, and it is also helping to make chores such as winter cleaning much easier. Robot vacuum cleaners can remove the need for you to manually vacuum your home, which can be a very physical activity.
  • A steam mop can also be a great tool to purchase. As the warm steam breaks up dirt and makes it easier to remove stains without the need for physical effort.
  • Of course, some of the best tips for winter cleaning with arthritis don’t require modern technology. A simple step stool can help to reach those high places without needing to stretch, while it can also provide a place to sit when cleaning surfaces closer to the ground.
  • If carrying heavy laundry loads is beginning to prove difficult, then consider investing in a laundry basket on wheels, which can make it easier to move through your home.

     3) Reduce the weight you carry

Winter cleaning can require you to carry a lot of tools and cleaning supplies, which can be significantly challenging if you have swollen and sore joints. That is why another top tip is to double up on your cleaning supplies where possible. When you have two of the heaviest items, you can leave one upstairs and one downstairs, reducing the need for you to have to carry them.

If carrying and using large bottles of winter cleaning products is beginning to get too much, then consider pouring them into smaller and more manageable bottles.

Top Tips for Winter House Cleaning With Arthritis

     4) Say no to scrubbing

Intense scrubbing can be particularly challenging for those with arthritis, and it can risk inflaming your joints further. If you are finding it difficult to remain in one position for long periods, or the pressure and vigorous energy required to scrub your floor or tiles clean is proving too much, then let your cleaning solutions do the work for you.

Using spray-on solutions and leaving them for several minutes can help to work any dirt loose, ensuring even the most stubborn of stains will simply wipe clean.

     5) Focus on your body

Arthritis can make it very difficult to maneuver and get around. That is why, instead of using your smaller muscles and exerting a lot of energy, think about how you use your body. For example, using a nylon mitt can make dusting much easier by allowing you to use your entire arm rather than having to rely on the strength of just your hand and wrist.

     6) Ask for help

One of the biggest challenges that many people have is admitting that they need help. If you find that winter cleaning is proving too difficult to manage on your own, then ask your family for support. Loved ones will be able to help you carry out the more strenuous tasks, such as carrying heavy loads or areas that require vacuuming or vigorous scrubbing.

If your family is unable to help, then you could also consider hiring a professional cleaner. They will be able to ensure that your home is looking fantastic from top to bottom and can frequently return to ensure it remains that way.

Top Tips for Winter House Cleaning With Arthritis

     7) Take breaks

When it comes to winter cleaning, one of the biggest tips to remember is to take breaks as often as you need to. Pushing yourself too much to try and get your home clean in the quickest time can result in your joints swelling and becoming incredibly sore. That is why you should always take your time and go at a pace that your body is comfortable with.

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