Avoid Common Running Injuries


Running injuries are far more prevalent than you may think. Half of all runners become injured at some point, with 80% of injuries occurring due to overuse of their joints. With this type of injury becoming so common, it is a good idea to take preventative measures to avoid common running injuries.

While popping a painkiller may provide temporary relief, it is only masking a bigger issue that is best prevented. Down the road, that will definitely not be enough, and you will begin resorting to ice packs and be unable to run like you once did.

On the bright side, there are several ways to avoid common running injuries. Some steps you can take are quite simple and may surprise you. If you want to prevent injuries and run for years to come, then keep reading!

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Strengthen Your Muscles

When you have strong muscles, as well as ligaments and tendons around your joints, you prevent joint injuries. Weak muscles lead to worse form and harder impacts while running. Since running involves repetitive movements on hard surfaces, you want to do everything you can to protect your joints.

Strong legs and glutes, along with a solid core, will help stabilize your pelvis and legs. Muscles in your feet and ankles will provide you with a strong foundation you can land on. If you have muscles that are not strong enough, you are going to overwork certain muscles. This is a common problem for runners, who are often lacking the required strength for running within one or more muscle groups. If you want increased control and stability while running, and prevent injuries, strengthening your muscles is something you should consider doing.

Maintain Proper Posture

Running with good posture will help your body distribute its weight more uniformly. This helps prevent running injuries by simply running with better posture. Poor posture is when you are not arching your upper back and when your head is over your shoulders. This leads to you potentially straining your back and hurting the joints located in your knees.

To maintain a proper posture while running, you will need to strengthen your core, as well as your upper body. Additionally, you should have a good arch in your back to support the rest of your body when you go for a run.

Swing Your Arms Properly

The movements you make with your arms can also lead to running injuries. Doing this movement will affect the stability of the trunk of your body. Certain arm swings, like those that go across your body, will compromise your core’s stability, which increases the risk of injury.

To properly swing your arms while running, keep your elbows bent around 90 degrees while allowing your arms to be relaxed when swinging. Your elbows should also stay close to your body. Also, remember to keep your hands loose because this allows the rest of your body to stay relaxed as well.

Tread Lightly

When you land lighter on your feet, you will reduce the force of the impact your feet make. Land softer to protect your joints. Once you get the hang of this, you will notice that you are making adjustments naturally, including reducing your stride and landing on your mid-foot.

Run From Your Hips

You can also prevent running injuries by leading with your hips. This means to initiate running with your hips, propel yourself forward using your knees rather than your feet. This will support you in keeping a straight posture and avoid over-striding.

To lead with your hips while running, you should engage the muscles in your core. A helpful visual to imagine while doing this is stepping over a log when you are running, and continually repeating that motion.

Use Your Glute Power

Engage the power of your glutes when you are running. These major muscles will help you keep the best form for running without getting injured. Better yet, stay aware of what every part of your body does while you are running.

Stop Over-striding

When you over-stride, your foot landes far past your knee. This leads to additional strain on your muscles and joints, which can result in running injuries. Over-striding is a common mistake runners make, so be sure you aren’t doing it.

To stop over-striding, keep landing your feel as close as you can to your body. Your legs should be completely vertical when they make contact with the ground. You can also add some inclined trails and paths to your runs because it is almost impossible to over-stride when going uphill.

Get a Good Pair of Shoes

Having a comfortable pair of shoes will help you avoid running injuries as well. The firmer your shoe cushioning is, the stiffer you can keep your legs. This will help you avoid straining your ankles, knees, and hips. A good pair of running shoes will prevent injuries that could lead to long-term joint injuries. What is even better is for you to have more than one pair.

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Enjoy Running Without Injuries

Avoiding running injuries is easy when you know what to change about your running style. When you apply the changes listed above, you will get to enjoy running for a very long time without succumbing to harmful joint injuries.

What you can also do to improve the strength of your joints is to take a joint supplement. JointFuel360 is a popular supplement used by runners and others to not only prevent joint injuries but repair damaged joints.

An all-natural blend of black pepper extract, turmeric, type II collagen, boswellia serrata, and hyaluronic acid promotes strong and healthy joints, without succumbing to inflammation. Taking a supplement like JointFuel360 before going for a run, as well as taking it every day, will ensure your running is as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

Now that you know how to avoid common running injuries, go out there and enjoy running without pain!

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