Best Sleep Positions to Avoid Back and Neck Stiffness


Sleep is something we spend a third of our lives doing. Being mostly stationary while doing so means we have the potential to experience back and neck stiffness. You may have a favorite sleeping position, but is it causing you to wake up with aches and soreness?

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We are going to go over the best sleep positions to avoid back and neck stiffness, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Sleep Positions for Back and Neck Stiffness

Some sleeping positions are more conducive for getting a great night of sleep than others. While you may miss sleeping in a way that you have been sleeping for years, you will quickly get accustomed to any one of these new positions quite quickly. Here are the best sleeping positions for back and neck stiffness.

On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the sleep position in which you are the most guaranteed to avoid back and neck stiffness. When you sleep on your back, your body’s weight gets distributed evenly. You will be able to avoid curving your spine in unnatural ways, as tends to happen with some of the other sleeping positions.

For this sleep position to be the most helpful in avoiding back and neck stiffness, you should use a smaller pillow that stays under your head and neck. You want to avoid your pillow getting under your shoulders. Cylindrical pillows can be more helpful than traditional pillows since they will fit snugly underneath your neck.

On Your Side

While sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position to avoid back and neck stiffness, sleeping on your side can be good as well. However, you need to do it the right way. You should grab a thin pillow and place it between your legs. This will support the proper alignment of your spine and pelvis. The pillow you use for your head should also be thinner than usual. This is so that there is a horizontal line going from your head and down your spine. As with sleeping on your back, you should keep your shoulders off of your pillow.

If you do decide to sleep on your side, make sure you alternate what side you sleep on. You may experience some pain in your muscles or joints if you always face the same side while sleeping.

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What Else You Can Do

Besides sleeping in a way that relieves pressure on your joints, you can find relief by doing a few other things. These can be things you do in addition to sleeping in a pain-reducing position.

Sleep on a Supporting Mattress

Since you are spending around a third of your day sleeping, you should invest in a good mattress. Sleep is an essential part of life, which is why you owe it to yourself to sleep on something that will provide you with a refreshing night of sleep, every night.

Depending on what type of body you have, you will have a mattress that will suit you more than another. When you have wide hips, a softer mattress will be better for you. This is because your spine has an easier time staying straight. If your hips and waists are basically lined up with each other, a harder mattress will be a better choice. This is because of the extra support it provides.

Before you spend a good amount of money on a mattress, try sleeping on others first. You can go over to a friend’s house or sleep at a hotel, testing them out in a real-life-use case sort of way. You can also take your mattress and make it harder by placing a plywood board in between it and the box spring (if you have one). Alternatively, you can set your mattress down on the floor for a night and see if you have less back and neck stiffness the next morning.

Joint Pain Supplements

What can also help are supplements specifically designed to reduce and get rid of joint pain. JointFuel360 is one such all-natural supplement.

Wrapping Up

Don’t wait until joint pain sets in. You can implement strategies for health and wellness over the long term. An active lifestyle, combined with a healthy diet and quality health supplements is a great way to help you keep moving!

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