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Could Fried Foods Be Increasing Your Arthritis Symptoms?

Do you notice that your arthritis symptoms increase after eating certain foods? There has long been a belief that certain items, such as fast foods, can impact your level of pain and increase inflammation. Eating...

The Top Health Benefits of Getting Out of Your Chair

You get up from your bed, eat breakfast at a table, drive to work, sit at your work desk for several hours, get back in your car, park yourself on the couch for the...
Foods that help fight inflammation

Foods That Help Fight Inflammation

If you have aching joints, you will want to maintain a diet that includes a significant amount of foods that help fight inflammation. By reducing inflammation in your body, you reduce joint pain, soreness,...
Anti-Inflammatory Juices

Anti-Inflammatory Juices

Keeping inflammation at bay is the key to finding relief from joint soreness and stiffness. Even though inflammation is a natural response by the body to protect itself, too much inflammation can lead to...
Turmeric Recipes for Arthritis

Turmeric Recipes for Arthritis

Many people know turmeric as a spice that gives curries their deep, golden color. What people might not know is that turmeric has a long history of use in Eastern medicine for its range...
Best Mattress for Joint Discomfort

Best Mattress for Joint Pain?

If you are one of the 54.4 million Americans who wake up to an aching back, then you are probably hoping to get a better night’s sleep. Not only are you waking up with...
running injuries

Avoid Common Running Injuries

Running injuries are far more prevalent than you may think. Half of all runners become injured at some point, with 80% of injuries occurring due to overuse of their joints. With this type of...
golfing with joint discomfort

Golfing With Joint Pain

Golf is an easy-going, relaxing, and healthy sport that around 25 million Americans enjoy every year. Older adults are especially interested in playing golf because it is easy on their joints and does not...
Bad Habits that are Giving You Joint Discomfort

Bad Habits That Are Giving You Joint Pain

At least 15 million Americans report having joint pain in their everyday lives. Even though they suffer from soreness, stiffness, and aches of all kinds, some people will keep up bad habits. There are...
Activities Modified for Arthritis

Hobbies and Activities Modified for Arthritis

Do you ever find yourself missing the activities you used to once be able to do without pain? There are many hobbies and activities that can still be modified for arthritis. It is never...


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